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damon stenhouse

Damon Stenhouse is a qualified industrial designer based in Auckland, NZ. He has a technical background based on science and technology which go hand and hand to build innovative and practical solutions.

Damon develops products which aim to have a different edge than the status quo. Aiming to make the built world a richer experience, with product design that is accessible and friendly to the user and the environment, as well as opportunity and research driven.

Motivated by the desire to develop great design has lead to a number of product for childhood and early childhood education as well as other socially equitable industries such as the award winning Lifewrap for field treatment of hypothermia.

As dsdesign, Damon has designed for a vast variety of industries including OEM industrial and consumer electronics, sports equipment, toys, pre-schooler shoes, activation marketing, design lead branding, to name a few, and with a colourful cross section of organisations and collaborating designers.




user & market research

concept development

photo realistic digital rendering

concept testing


technical research

3D CAD modeling

design for manufacture

manufacturing specification


product photography

graphic presentation

marketing material

graphic instructional communication